40" x 36" Irregular-Shaped BLOB PDF Print E-mail

$110 per unit (Picked Up Price - N. GA)

The largest BLOB available and the namesake of the BLOBS we offer, the 40"x36" irregular-shaped BLOB varies in depth from 10-14" thick.  Weight varies with size but these BLOBS are commonly over 200 lbs each and due to this fact and their irregular size/shape, these BLOBS can only be shipped to a commercial delivery address via freight trucking.  These BLOBS are made from slightly less dense foam material than the other BLOBS we offer, but regardless, we are confident that if you are looking for a target that will last and for one that is big enough to allow for long-distance shooting, this is the BLOB for you.  If you wish to purchase or get more information, contact us using this form.

DISCLAIMER:  BLOB targets are known for their long-lasting quality, not so much for their visual appeal.  Similarly, BLOB targets vary slightly in size and weight.  Dimensions and weights given are intended to serve as a guide but should not be considered exact measures.  It is common for our BLOBS to  vary +/- 1 inch or more from the stated sizes.

COLORS:  Because our BLOBS are made from 100% recycled post-industrial foam, it is impossible for us to guarantee color choices.  Pictures posted on our site are intended to give you an idea of some of the colors available from time to time but specifying a certain color will likely cause shipment delays and unnecessarily postpone delivery of your BLOB.  If necessary, color preferences (e.g. darker colors, lighter colors) are better than absolute color choice selections.